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In the summer of 1997, I shaped, formed and nurtured an idea for honest service, quick delivery, mixed with my passion for family, friends and fun.

...all these years later, I think I know what it all means.

It means you get fresh gift ideas for your friends and family. ...where else can you find custom printed playing cards, monogram soaps or personalized luggage tags.

It means we have the opportunity to deliver fun surprises to cities I’ve never visited, ordered by incredibly thoughtful people, keeping alive their spirit of friendship and adventure.

And for me, it means – well, a work in progress.

Life's a journey… join us!

~ Eileen Brady
BA, English

Special Projects Bay Village Store donates product and service to local community organizations, participates in school-related events and speaks at High School Career Days and Leadership Symposiums.

Where is Bay Village, Ohio located? Bay Village, Ohio is a community of 16,000 residents, 15 miles west of Cleveland, Ohio stretching five miles on the southern shores of Lake Erie.

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